Greek Wildflower Blossom Honey (Imported USDA Organic) - 12 oz


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Greek wildflower honey is the most robust of all types of honey.

There are over 300 types of honey produced in the world and the most popular are the clover and wildflower honey taste. 

Clover Honey - By far the most common squeeze bottle variety of honey you will find at supermarkets all over the world and is very light in flavor. Runnier in texture than its competitor, the thicker Wildflower Blossom Honey. The clover honey is inexpensive and used in all mass volume baking due to its low cost, runnier texture. Clover honey requires a higher usage to achieve flavor which is why you may see clover honey in very large ounce sizes and in most cases is diluted with water.

Wildflower Blossom Honey - The most popular among top chefs and restaurants for its extra kick and flavor. A more robust honey flavor type that is thicker in texture and stands out when paired with yogurts and premium baked goods that use honey as a flavor boost in addition to just a sweetener. Greek wildflower honey is never diluted in water and a lower ounce amount is needed for greater flavor. A little goes a much longer way than clover honey does which is why you typically see wildflower honey in smaller glass jar packaging and not large plastic squeeze bottles. In typical use, a 12-ounce wildflower honey jar will last 31% longer than a 32-ounce clover jar will due to their different use requirements.  (study conducted over a 6-month period with 122 consumers)

Clover vs Wildflower Honey Summary -  Clover is used universally as a sweetener rather than a flavor booster. In terms of flavor, clover honey is very low in taste in comparison to Wildflower honey. The Wildflower honey is best to enhance flavors in addition to an equal level sweetener which makes wildflower honey the #1 choice for well-informed honey lovers as it has both sweetness and a more preferred flavor over clover honey. 

Of all regions in the world, Greece produces the best wildflower honey types thanks to the type of wildflower that grows mountainside and its perfect geographical climate conditions.

Greek wildflower honey is a more robust honey that packs a kick you can differentiate over other types of organic wildflower honey. 

The MagnaGrecia™️ Greek wildflower honey is also USDA certified organic honey imported from Europe, - Olympia, Greece to be exact. Birthplace of the Olympic games. 

Greek wildflower honey is known for its extensive health benefits when ingested and also a secret weapon in skincare. From aiding in digestion, cough suppression, energy booster, high antioxidant presence, to a surplus of vitamins and minerals - it is natures golden gem. 

The organic wildflower honey by MagnaGrecia™️ is free of pesticides, chemicals, preservatives, artificial color or flavors, artificially added sugars and never watered down - the way nature intended. 

Experience the most premium wildflower honey on the market with the MagnaGrecia™️ USDA certified organic imported Greek wildflower blossom honey. 

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